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This is Mr. Michael Delcambre, he has attended the University of Louisiana at Lafayette where he received his bachelor’s degree in English and minored in mathematics. He also received a masters degree in Educational Administration and Policy from the University of Texas at Arlington. Mr. Delcambre has been here at Westgate High School for three years. The courses that Mr. Delcambre teaches here at Westgate are Algebra II, Pre- Calculus, and Calculus. Mr. Delcambre has not only taught at Westgate High,he has also taught at New Iberia Senior High, Jeanerette Middle School, Assembly Christian School, and Uplift Summit International Preparatory. Mr. Delcambre’s favorite thing about teaching here at Westgate High School is being able to teach in his own hometown at the school he attended as a freshman. Mr. Delcambre’s jobs prior to working at Westgate were a construction worker, Lawn and landscaping worker, Assistant Children’s Pastor, and Sports Options Trader. His hobbies are reading about philosophy, theology, zoology, and natural science; gardening, and remodeling. If he won the lottery tomorrow, Delcambre would pursue various ventures in education, healthcare, and philanthropy. Delcambre would also fund his friends by funding orphanages, and retiring.